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Community Action Partnership (CAP) Organizational Trainings

  • Community Assessment Planning & Development 

  • CSBG 101, compliance & reporting 

  • Asset Mapping & Leveraging Partnerships 

  • Board Governance & Ethics 

  • Fiscal Compliance & leveraging resources

  • Community Action Readiness & telling the story through Data

  • Sustainability & navigating through non-traditional approaches (How to maximize Community Services Block Grant)

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Performance Standards (Customized for Public Agencies and Non-profits)

  • Organizational Ethics & Responsibilities

  • Professional Boundaries & Confidentiality 

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Cultural Competence in the Workplace

  • CAP Leadership 101-Developing our new CAP staff leaders

  • Community Engagement (Org. Standards 1.2 & 1.4)

  • Developing effective case managers, community specialists & program coordinators.

  • CAP Grant Development 101 Training (customized for Public AND Non-profits)

  • Successful programs through Innovation & Development

  • Navigating through Uncharted Waters in times of change, Journey of Change for our Teams & organization  (Changes affecting CAP organizations today and towards the future)

  • Organizational Leadership* “Maximizing Staff Impact in our organizations today & tomorrow”

    • (based on CSBG IM #82/Org standards category 4)

    • StrengthsFinders as a development tool

  • “Building resilience towards excellence” –Strengths Based Leadership as a development tool 

  • "Building a Strength Based Culture in your organization"-Strength-based Coaching 

  • Succession Planning-Developing a road-map (meets organizational standards)

  • Capacity Building- Building formal systems internally to leverage community impact

  • Developing operational manuals, Human Resources Practices & Legal/Administrative policies


Organizations can request single trainings or combine into multiple training modules

(Inquire about our Spanish Trainings) 

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