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The Journey of Change
how to motivate team members at your organization through StrengthFinders 

Are your employees not finding their work meaningful? Do you feel that you have many talented persons working on your team yet projects and work in general becomes stalled and it is difficult to see the larger picture? Team members forget how valuable they are and feel they cannot bring their best talents and creativity to the table at staff meeting or on long-term projects. For customized StrengthsFinder Trainings for your company, organizations & agencies, please contact us! Offering through an interactive session and customized to meet your organizational needs (including in Spanish), to assist executive-level management, all-staff and board members. 

In the following video I will explain my basic premise for working with organizations as a professional trainer, coach and speaker. In my career, I have learned that staff or team members of any organization are the heartbeat, however they need to find the road map of their strengths in order to be successful. Each team member must be valued as an individual with unique gifts and abilities. Simply, we all would like to feel  that we can have an impact and that our work in the place where we devote numerous hours of our time is making a positive difference! If it's for community, growth and expansion, we all want to impact others, utilize our talents & bring value to the work that we contribute every day.

-Lucy Hernandez, Coach, Trainer & Consultant for organizational leadership & performance.


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